If you have a specific shooting problem, or a particular skill or area that you want to focus on, you may prefer private instruction. You are not alone. Private instruction is one of our most popular training options.

Private instruction allows you to have the one-on-one attention to your shooting that will focus on you, just you, and just your shooting.

Private instruction is available on a private and semi-private basis (up to a group of four). Whether you are a new gun owner or an experienced shooter, private lessons will enable you to develop specific skills and abilities more quickly by focusing on your specific needs.

Rates for private lessons are:

$40 per hour for private lessons
$55 total per hour for semi-private lessons (2 people)
$70 total per hour for a group of three
$85 total per hour for a group of four

Minimum of two hours per session.

Private instruction can be held at a range of your choice.

Private instruction rates are for instruction only, and do not include associated costs such as ammunition, targets, and range fees. Ammunition and targets for private instruction are usually provided by the student, however if you need them we can provide them (additional fees apply). Range fees are the responsibility of the student, and vary depending on the range facilities being used.

If you have questions regarding private lessons, or would like to schedule a private lesson, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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