OCAT® Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training

OC is carried and used by nearly every law enforcement and corrections agency in the country. OCAT® was the first OC Training Certification Course for Law Enforcement Officers, and remains the leader in Law Enforcemet OC Training and Certification. Response Ability is proud to announce that we are now offering this training as part of our course offerings.

In this course the officer will:

  • Identify the stages of conflict in order to: recognize the threat, reduce the threat, and determine how and when to use force.
  • Apply state-of-the-art tactical concepts such as: spraying techniques, disengagement, proper defensive positions, methods of movement, multiple opponent defense, contact and cover system, defense against moving attacks, ground defense, and drawing techniques.
  • Avoid liability suits through: Certified training, understanding the effects of OC spray, identifying factors which justify OC use, and proper OC incident documentation.

The OCAT® program is not brand specific and addresses the proper use of all OC products.

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NOTICE: If you are taking an approved NRA Course for the purpose of obtaining a Massachusetts Licence To Carry, the instructor must be recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or the COURSE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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